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The Sittingbourne Community College takes seriously the safeguarding and welfare of all pupils and staff.

Our aim is to create an ethos in which pupils, staff, parents and carers feel confident to talk openly in the knowledge that they will be listened to. We are committed to providing an environment in which all members of the school community feel safe, secure, valued and respected.

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Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about the college.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of the college, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

By sharing your views, you'll be helping the college to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said. Or, if you want to, view the results for any school in England. Performance charts are also available on the Department for Education website.

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  • 25-09-2015 - Welcome to our school

    news imageSittingbourne Community College is a large non-selective school and was judged by Ofsted in December 2013 as a ‘Good’ school.

    We believe that all learners need to feel safe and secure in school in order for them to reach their full potential. We have established a culture of respect for each other and pride in academic achievement for all learners.

    Our objective is to ensure success for every student so that when they leave us they are well rounded, confident individuals, well equipped to take their place in the work place or further education. We are very proud of the culture and ethos that exists in the school which is continually evolving and developing to ensure that all students benefit from our extensive systems of support. The local community is recognising the positive changes made by the school and our popularity is increasing with parents who are eager for their sons and daughters to be educated here.

    I am privileged to work with staff who are highly motivated and consistently go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure positive outcomes for our students whether that may be emotional welfare or academic achievement. Teachers and support staff alike are an inspiring group of professionals who understand how important it is to prepare our students to take an active place in society and achieve future successes in an ever changing world.

    I hope the information provided on our website helps you to learn more about our school and more importantly goes some way to give you an understanding of how wonderful a place it is to be.

    Fiona Trigwell



    news imageEnsuring that all students at Sittingbourne Community College are fulfilling their potential in terms of academic performance is both a responsibility and a privilege. Our students and staff deserve to have their excellent efforts rewarded and I oversee every stage of the assessment process to support everyone to remain on track and ensure that no opportunities are missed. This continues all the way up to GCSE results day in August, a day that always provokes emotions, the vast majority of them positive.

    Whilst we recognise that not all students can be high-fliers we take great pride in the excellent levels of progress that all of our amazing students commit themselves to.

    Mr Matt Lewis

    Deputy Headteacher

    Achievement and Progress


    news imageI work alongside a dedicated team of outstanding practitioners to ensure that students receive high quality teaching at all times. We believe passionately that learning is most effective when it is enjoyable, and work collaboratively to find new ways to inspire, motivate and engage our learners.

    Our personalised staff training and coaching programmes allow us to share best practice within the school, and to keep staff up to date with the latest research and ideas. Our teachers welcome visitors into their classrooms, and are united in their relentless drive to provide the very best for our learners. It is this commitment, together with an unshakable belief in the potential of every child, which creates a love of learning and drives our pupils to succeed.

    Miss Victoria Standing

    Deputy Headteacher

    Teaching and Learning


    news imageMaintaining the highest standards of good behaviour in lessons and around the school throughout the day is a key part of my role.

    I work with an integrated team of staff to ensure that the school’s shared values of courtesy, respect for others and hard work in lessons are upheld at all times. This is achieved with the support of the Chaucer and Darwin Learning Communities, who work closely with the whole of the school’s leadership team throughout the day to maintain the high standards that we expect of all our students. Getting things right requires a daily assessment of where and how the school’s high expectations and non-negotiable code of conduct should be supported or enhanced to ensure that students are successful in their learning.

    Closely linked to my work on behaviour is a responsibility for the safety and well-being of all our students. This fundamental aspect of school life permeates the structure and organisation of all that happens at SCC. This incorporates working with all our teaching staff and additional specialist staff, who have a wide range of responsibilities, to ensure that our awareness and delivery of all the safety measures required of us is fully maintained.

    Mr Chris Jewell

    Deputy Headteacher

    Behaviour and Safety


    news imageEnjoyment of learning is at the heart of what we do as educators. Every one of our students is very important to us. I believe that by working together we can all become “the best we can be”. This is what makes us productive and useful members of society. My work with staff ensures that the whole school moves forward year on year and that all members of our community continue to develop themselves.

    I also have a keen interest in the science curriculum. A major part of my role is working with the science team to ensure all students make excellent progress, not just by the time they reach Year 11, but every year that they are with us. Whether we are working at -40⁰C with dry ice or extracting metal from rocks at 1200⁰C, there is always a passion to ensure every student is involved and experiencing the excitement of new learning.

    David Kelly

    Deputy Headteacher


    news imageAs the Director of Mathematics, I work across schools in the Trust and as such, I am uniquely placed to be able to develop and share good practice between the schools.

    My focus at Sittingbourne Community College, is to build on the successes already achieved by the school and continue to raise attainment in mathematics.  I am privileged at SCC to work with a team of dedicated and enthusiastic mathematics teachers who, like myself, are passionate about ensuring that each individual pupil at the school achieves their best in such an important subject.

    Mrs Louise Cox

    Deputy Headteacher

    Director of Mathematics

  • 24-11-2015 - Swale Sixth Form Taster Day

    We are extremely pleased to inform you that on Thursday 10th December 2015, we will be holding a Swale Sixth Form taster day, so that all of our Year 11 students can experience subjects they may wish to study in the sixth form. Read more here.

  • 15-10-2015 - Private Peaceful

    The Sittingbourne Community College’s Post 16 production this year was Private Peaceful, the students worked exceptionally hard from April to July to produce a play that touched the heart and had a real story to tell in 2015.  A century on from the First World War, we staged a stunning adaptation of this poignant  play by Simon Reade based on the best-selling novel by Michael Morpurgo, who also wrote the world famous War Horse. This compelling love story and touching account of the First World War followed the life of two young brothers who had no idea what they were heading for when they went over to Belgium.  Inspired by true stories, the play looked at an idyllic Somerset childhood and followed the life of Thomas ‘Tommo’ Peaceful and his family through the Great War.  This poignant tale explored love, loss, war and courage and lead to a dramatic and heart breaking conclusion.  The show was a great success and enjoyed by all that came to see it.


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  • 14-05-2015 - 'Hair Art' a Success at SCC

    On Monday 30th March, parents, friends and judges were in attendance as members of an audience eagerly awaiting the revealing of the beautiful and quixotic hairstyles created and worn by students from Year 11, 12 and 13 of SCC. (Read More)

  • 14-05-2015 - Archery Big Weekend

    Click here to view the full poster.


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